Saturday, December 31, 2016

Trying to stay up on 12/31/16. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

It is 8:58pm right now and I am trying so hard to keep my eyes open for the new year. But I am yawning and not quite sure that I will make it to see the new year come in. I might just have to catch the new year for New York tomorrow. Usually I would go to sleep, wake up at 5am, grab a small flashlight and climb the small mountain behind my school, in the dark, to see the new year's first sunrise. BUT. NOT THIS YEAR. 

No way. This year I will wake up early and walk up 3 flights to my rooftop to see the same sunset.

I will post the pics in a few hours. 

10:38 I'm not gonna make it to midnight. Just had yogurt, gave myself a sweet kiss and am snuggling with my teddy dog. My eyelids are heavy and I will be snoring (delicately of course) very soon.

This is the first sunrise of 2017 from my rooftop. This year I decided against climbing the mountain in the frigid cold with hundreds of other people. Instead I walked up 3 flights to my roof and enjoyed the first sunrise in solitude. This year was much better.

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