Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Kimchi dumplings?

Did you know there were kimchi dumplings? Yes, they exist and are delicious.

Time to participate kiddies

These colored ice cream sticks have increased class participation by 1000%.

I pick one person per class to go around and have other students pick out the sticks. Whatever numbers are picked, that student has to stand up and either read or recite whatever textbook info we are learning. It helps a lot. I can get more than half of the students to speak English during every class. It also keeps them on their toes. Whoever gets chosen to walk around the room and have the other students pick sticks, feels very powerful, at least during the class time.

Footnote: always count your sticks after every class. LOL. My slick students STOLE their numbers near the end of the semester and I did not know it until after the semester was over.
What can I say?

My rugrats are SMART!

Shadow leaves

The fall season here creates amazing shadows.

Beautiful sunsets

There are always amazing sunsets right outside my window.

Blackface in elementary textbooks?

These are images that are on the CD for the textbook we used this semester.
Also, the map does not show any people in Africa, only animals.
Is there any wonder the adults here find blackface so funny when the elementary books show this?


Phone booth fun

These beautiful things are disappearing!

Hello 2015!!! I welcome you with HOPE. Happy New Year!!!

Walking into my future...