Wednesday, January 18, 2017

President, Sir, I will miss you.

I did not agree with all of his policies but I was so happy to have an African-American President for 8 years. I will miss you, Mr President and First Lady. You inspired many people in this world. Blessings to you and your family as you start your next chapter.

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Maybe this will help the itching, baby.

I am getting side effects from my new meds. I had a dizzy spell last week. My thyroid gland got as big as a golf ball and I was itching all over my body. Sigh. I picked up this cream to stop the itching but also stopped taking the meds. So back to the drawing board. I will go back to the doctor again this week and see what happens. Sigh. Wish me luck this time.

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Laser maze! Winter camp 2017

Yesterday, Holly and I cut up strips of wrinkly paper and stapled them together. Then we taped them to the hallway walls and created a LASER MAZE!! It was very similar (kinda. sorta) to the laser maze that is in the famous Ocean's Twelve film. I even had the students watch the scene twice to get a feel for how to do it.

It was pretty cool and the kids LOVED IT.


These are the mouth-watering brownies we made at winter camp this week. I had offered to bring in my portable toaster oven to make the baking go faster but I needed to be picked up since it is too heavy for me to carry all the way up the mountain. Well, Holly refused and insisted on just using the one oven she borrowed from another teacher. Sooooooooooo...I laughed my @ss off while watching her take more than 2 hours to bake 3 pans of brownies. I swear, sometimes she does stupid sh@t on purpose just to show she is the boss. HA HA!

Anyway, after a looooooooooong time baking in ONLY ONE OVEN, the kids really loved the brownies and I got to laugh at another of my "handler's" stupid passive-aggressive choices.

Van Gogh's ear is THAT BIG? Winter camp 2017

This week I had the students lay down on the ground and trace their images. Then they colored in the drawings to create life-size self portraits. I got the idea when I visited a friend's international school in Seoul last year. The kids enjoyed it. The principal actually walked into our classroom while the kids were down on the floor working on their art projects. I was glad that he saw the kids happily enjoying the camp activities.

I think next time we have to get strong board paper. This year our camp budget was very tight. We spent most of the money on food ingredients for the "food days". Delicious!

Got milk? ♡ SURE DO!!

This was one of the milk commercials that my cutie-pie kids made during winter camp this week. We reviewed popular commercials and discussed different concepts used to grab attention. Then we reviewed a milk commercial done with the wrestler, Rock, in it.
I showed them how to draw a storyboard, create a script, rehearse and film it.
They did a GREAT job. So proud of them.

Don't poison me! SOB. Too late.

I just found out that for every meal that is served in a Korean public school, the school holds back a small food sample and holds it for a few days in case a student gets sick. It was very interesting to find it out because the day after I found this out, I had an allergic reaction to one of the side dishes at lunch. It might have been the spicy string beans. Since the food was catered it was not something I have eaten previously in the school cafeteria.

As I am writing this I am scratching like a wet cat. (Do wet cats scratch themselves? Not sure). Today after school, I will go to the nearest pharmacy and try to get something close to calamine lotion to stop this itching. Ooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!