Thursday, April 19, 2018

My last week at my main school - after 4 years

Today is my last Friday at my main school. I am soooo sad. 
I will miss the hell outta my kids. 
I had them write me good bye messages on index cards. Some of their messages were sooo sweet. 

Even though I have been a good, passionate teacher at my main school for four long years, I have no expectations that main school will do ANYTHING for me to show any appreciation.

Yesterday I bought 2 cakes and 2 cake rolls. I gave the big cake to my P and VP and the women in the main office. I gave a cake roll to the payroll dept. The second cake roll was given to the cafeteria women for feeding me delicious food for the last four years. The smaller cake was divided in half and given to the teachers' rooms on the 3rd and 4th floor. These are the homeroom teachers of the students I taught. I wanted to show MY appreciation for their efforts even if they chose NOT to.

The 4-1 homeroom teacher, one of my favorite teachers, had all her kids make real cards out of construction paper for me. SO SWEET!! Damn onions!

Time to move on, Teacher EJ.


May 7th, 2018
My main school did NADA/ ZIP/ ZERO for me. Not a damn thing. LOL. 

I have to laugh because it shows how they just don't have any consideration for us most of the time. But my expectations of the adults here were lowered a looooong time ago. I focus all my positive energy on my sweet little munchkins. For my last classes at my main school, I danced with my students all week. I did the textbook for about 15 minutes just to make sure that they would be on schedule for the semester. Then I had them arrange the room for musical chairs. The ONLY song I played was AFRICA RISE UP. There is a UK video on youtube with a terrific flash mob. It has great choreography and always lifts my spirits. 

While the song was playing, I danced and laughed with each of my three hundred students (after giving each a goodbye snack). It felt wonderful to be able to create such a sweet ending with all of my main kids. It has been four years. I have seen their growth and will miss the heck outta my sweet pumpkins. 

My favorite 4th grade teacher danced and laughed with us and reminded me why she is my favorite. She sees my effort and love for my students and appreciates it. Sometimes you just want people to acknowledge your efforts. I have done my best in that school so I can leave and know that I left an impact on my students. Their minds will be open to understand that they can love someone who is outside of their frame of reference. 

I love them all, even the rascals and will miss them with all my heart. Sob!

Good bye. I will miss you rural school.

I said good bye to my village students this past Tuesday. I bought a inexpensive bag of rice cakes to give them. My favorite students left February of 2017 so I was not connected emotionally with these kids. When my sweet students left, I gave them tons of snacks and hugs. 

My new co-teacher barely had a sense of humor so our classes were not the best. The kids did not learn much. They came in with a low level and, to me, have not improved. Their interest in learning was low and it showed in the classroom. I gave my village co-teacher a cold handshake on the last day and said, "It has been an interesting experience. I learned a lot from working with you."  Which everyone knows means "f@ck you b@tch" in a nice way. She was really cold to me during the last two weeks when I was sick so I returned the favor. I hope I never see her again. But since the country is so small, I'm sure we will see each other again. 

Oh, well. No love. No care.

The VP gave me a big smile and a firm handshake good bye. 

I will miss the beautiful landscape. 
I would walk so peacefully during lunchtime.
I will miss that.

Spring is here!! 2018

I love spring time.

Yay!! I don't need a letter of reference! Wooohoooo!!

I thought I would need a letter of recommendation from my school and co-teacher of four years. 

After checking around with others who have returned home, I found out that I do NOT need sh@t from these mofos. 

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! No more need to be extra sweet to cold-hearted @ssholes. My co-teacher acted like she didn't even know what that was - even though I helped her write one for another teacher during my first year. This makes me happy because now I can walk away and don't look back. I just need my paystubs and my transfer bonus. Then...see ya, b@tches!!!