Thursday, November 7, 2019

The old bait and switcheroo, huh?

So EMart, a huge market chain here, used to have this for ten bucks. I bought it and it lasted a very long time. It was great to have a familiar option. Well, in South Korea, NOTHING IS EVER CONSTANT. They got rid of this brand for this low price. Instead they now have other smaller, more expensive brands. So you get 25% of the amount for almost ten bucks. Win for them, lost for the consumer. The time tested, and always successful, switcheroo.

I have seriously considered getting a COSTCO card here but JUST can't bring myself to do it. Maybe if I had a car and had easy access to doing a big haul once a month but, naw. 

I have a friend who has a card but he is one of those people who hates when anyone asks him to do anything. Like anything. So I've learned, after getting burned by his tongue once, never to ask him for a damn thing. Like if I was on fire, I wouldn't ask him to pass me a cup of water. He is held at arms-length because where I come from, that is NOT a definition of friendship. 

Long story, short.
Anyway, that is why I stopped eating oatmeal here. 

I miss sarcasm.

Sarcasm is lost in this country. 
I miss good old fashion, east coast sarcasm.  

Oh, so sweet Korean desserts!

These Korean desserts are sooooooo delicious!
This is why I'm gaining weight. UGH...but mmmmmmm at the same time.  

Special kids are special...

I was invited by a friend to join an outing to an amusement park. 
It was a field trip for an organization that works with special needs kids and adolescents. I paired with a twenty-something guy who was very sweet, kind and fun. We went on some of the slower rides.  The last and best one was the flying ride. 
The day was so fun and very special to me. 
I loved watching him have a good time.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Stress eating or just happiness?

Lately I have been stress eating...but can we please redefine what "stress eating" is?
Can't we just call it "a small piece of heaven"?
A small piece of heaven that is cool on the tongue and sweet on my heart.