Saturday, April 30, 2022

Help! Send clothes that fit!


My clothing options are so sad these days.

I just ordered these dresses from a filthy rich online distributor. Sigh. Just look at the details  material and workmanship.

The material is cheap.

The threading is crooked. 

Do you see the crooked waistline?

The style is for a short, round person not a tall woman with a long torso and long legs.

I sent back half the dresses and kept the rest.

(Yes, out of pure clothing desperation.)

I just ordered three long dusters (gray, black and navy blue) so I can use it to hide the boxy style, crooked waistline and cheap material.

It is hard on these Korean streets.😅👗

🙏🏿 Please either send me quality clothes or prayers. I will happily (and humbly) accept both.

UPDATE- 2 months later

After I spent all that damn money on all these identical dresses, I had an emergency trip back to the states where I was able to purchase NORMAL SIZE clothes. Ha ha.

I ended up shipping half of the dressed back to the online store BUT I wasted SO MUCH DAMN money on shipping fees. Sigh.



Thursday, April 28, 2022

My new sneaks 👟 👟 pinky toe has been hurting walking the 1 mile to school due to the bus strike.

I've been looking for quality sneakers but most are dreary mannish colors because of my huge boat~like feet.

Yesterday, Joanne and I found some discounted sneakers at THE ABC MART in LF mall.

Buuuuuuuut the color...

Sigh, the color of the sneakers....makes me look like a hardworking nurse's aide...😅

"Can I empty your bedpan, ma'am?"


I don't have many clothes OR shoe options in Korea so I will take what I can get.

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Senior citizens on bikes

 I want to show videos of how healthy the seniors are in Korea.

I will keep an eye out for more active grandmothers and grandfathers.


Black Jesus statement


I decided to add a Black Jesus on a page in my ADVENTURES IN GHANA book.

Ha ha. I wonder if anyone will notice.

Long waits for buses

So, I think the week long bus strike is starting to stress me out. Ha ha. 

Everything is okay


If you are troubled, remember...

Falling in love with purple flowers


I absolutely LOVE these purple. 

It reminds me of a wedding, satiny dresses walking down the aisle, ready to make that lifelong commitment. Glowing in the beauty of the moment.

Hair at the Korean dollar store?


Yes! They got hair, y'all.

Ha ha. I know local women use this hair to make their hair style fuller.

Seems like many women in the world want fuller hairstyles.

The Korean dollar store goes up to five dollars so this is actually a good price.

Try bi~linguistics


I love Korea's attempt to have tri or bi lingual information for domestic and international travelers. It eases travel concerns for a little bit, at least.

Living inside rectangular boxes


These are the standard housing models for Koreans.

Some of the elderly still live in traditional houses in the countryside.

Some of the very rich Koreans live in big houses in rich cities.

The tall buildings are separated by class. 

There are some government owned or low-budget companies where the working class lives.

There are also buildings that are owned by large, rich corporations. The materials used within the apartments are high value compared to the cheaper buildings.