Tuesday, November 29, 2016

President Park will resign.

President Park announced today that she will resign. An average of two million Koreans were protesting (and demanding her resignation) in Seoul every weekend for the past three weeks. Since this is my adopted country, I will not comment. Especially since the USA has its own problems right now.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Passing on traditions...

I love that Koreans place such a great emphasis on passing down their traditions to the younger generation. It is the best way of showing and maintaining the love of their history.

Sleepless in Korea

You see, the way my quiet building is set up the tenants can hear everything thru the paper-thin walls. Almost every night, I hear 
1) my neighbors being intimate (short strokes, 12.5 minutes max).
2) my other neighbor self-pleasuring (again short strokes, 3.5 minutes max).
3) my other neighbor snoring loudly (I want to text his wife to roll him over).
Besides cotton balls in my ears or throwing myself out of my 2nd floor window (I live in the countryside and would land on veggies and cow manure), does anyone have any useful (or funny) suggestions on how to deal with this night after night? Thanks in advance.
Sleepless in Korea (LOL)

Yes, this is my current life.
You have to find humor, no?

This is a bus stop not a zoo.

This is the front of the bus stop.

This is the back of the bus stop and is where I stand now after two years in So Ko. When I stand in the front of the bus stop, I get stared at as if I am in a zoo. Buses, cars, bikers, stray pedestrians, etc gawk at me. So I have learned to stand behind the bus stop so I can blend into the background. Well, as much as a 6 foot tall chocolate woman can blend in when she is the only chocolate chip for miles. LOL. You learn to adapt to life here.

Please, don't kick the bus driver.

This was the only caption I could think  for this picture on the bus today.

Please don't kick the bus driver in the head.
Thank you and have a great day!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Make yesterday the last day you spent giving a...

New Year
Make yesterday the last day you spent giving a f@ck about people that don't show you they give a f@ck back.
This is becoming my new mantra. 
I just spent one hour deleting "friends" from my fb list. I also blocked more people from my phone's contact list. 
Gone are those who wasted my time. Gone is my energy to entertain those who don't give a shit about me. 
I posted the sentence above on my fb page then deleted it and put it here. I feel I can be more honest here than on "fakebook". My personality runs to loyalty until I see you don't care enough about me and I am wasting my time then you no longer exist. Just that simple. Poof! You are gone. No explanation needed  because before I get to that point, I make sure to give my best. Do I sound cynical? Maybe I am just becoming more of who I need to be to survive this ordeal.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Stop snoring!

It is 3:30am and the person next to me is sleeping and snoring loudly. He must have worked hard today. Gosh, I should really ask him to turn over so the snoring will stop... but I can't. Why can't I?  Because the guy who is snoring is my next door neighbor who is sleeping (and snoring) on the other side of our very thin wall!

Wait...I think his wife made him turn over so "we" can go back to sleep. 
Thanks, wifey. I owe you a rice cake. Good night again.

Monday, November 21, 2016

International Youth Camp Damyang, SK 2016

We packed so many activities into the 48 hours of the 13th International Youth Camp in Damyang. The kids and foreign English teachers bonded and had so much fun together. It is always great to meet new people and make new friends.