Monday, August 29, 2022

Suncheon tourist bus info


These are the buses to take in Suncheon to reach the tourist areas, as-of August 2022. 

Miss Sophia is back!


I had a wonderful nonmandatory meal with Miss Sophia. She recently had a death in her family and we shed tears together with she finally told me. Please keep her in your prayers as she grieves. We ate chicken and delicious mango patbingsu to cheer her up.

Pink sky


What a gorgeous pink sunset...

Church lady, me?


One of my two "church dresses" from back home.

Yes, I am on a plastic bag on my bed. Ha ha

Sunday, August 28, 2022

Dangerous construction in S Korea

If you research "safety building standards" in South Korea, you will see some crazy stories. It makes me nervous when entire buildings can drop on a city bus.

 Naw, son! You gotta do better, please. 

Friday, August 26, 2022

Butterfly kisses


Butterflies! So beautiful.

Creative planting


I love how creative Koreans are when it comes creating places to plant.

You can grow your own food almost any where!

Painting AFTER the 1st day of...


Why would you restart the painting job AFTER the first day of school when you had three weeks to do it during the summer vacation?

The local logic confuses me sometimes.

Thursday, August 25, 2022

Before & AFTER Englishee room


This is the AFTER pics of the 2nd Englishee room.

The Principal, head guy, tax guy, admin woman and I pushed, cleaned and swept for 90 minutes to create a sanctuary in the back of the room for her.

Well, at least I got a large coffee from the head guy after lunchee, that was nice of him. Some people REALLY know how to get over sometimes. This teacher got her entire room rearranged and cleaned by other people. All she has to do is slide into her chair and teach when she comes back from a "positive corona test".

Yes, I rolled my eyes. How do you conveniently get "sick" right around the 1st day of school?? Gurl, please!

Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The kids are baaaaaack!!


The kids are back at the bus stops.

Crowding the buses and making noise.

This picture is one block near an all boys high school.


We should save the earth, recycling group project.


This is a great group recycling project idea.

Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Insane food prices


This vegetable used to be 2,000 won just 3 years ago. Food prices have almost doubled worldwide. I can not even imagine what is the agenda for this? Starve us until we are forced to comply?

Welp! Time to begin reducing my daily calorie content.😑☹☹

We have to pray for humankind, y'all.

These are truly the end of times.

You want fries with that?


Fries are soooooo delicious but very bad for the waist.

Homeplus has an almost western selection of fries.

Why, God?

Why are you making it so easy to gain weight, WHY??

Many of us are struggling to maintain control of our weight.


Hairy times


I gave away some plant babies today at my mandatory Korean meal at lunchee time.

Handling the plants reduce my anxiety and stress level.

Shopping bag shortage


When I visited home last month, everyone was scrambling for grocery bags. 

The new law requires consumers to bring their own bags to the store. 

Many people forget their bags at home or in the trunk of their cars. 

Strange thing, Germany has had this rule for more than 20 years. 

I remember visiting and finding it unusual that they never provided any bags. 

It is a great idea for the environment.

MKM ~ mandatory korean meal


Another MKM~ with Miss Ann.

She is pretty nice so it was not painful.

The mango potbingsu did NOT have any red beans, though.

We ate cold noodle soup that is popular in Korea during the hot summer months.