Thursday, August 11, 2022

This bus driver saved our lives.


This bus driver saved all of our lives this past Wednesday, July 10th, 2022, @7:25am.

He went to make a right turn and a red bus coming from the other intersection, made a left turn AT FULL SPEED and we almost hit that bus in the middle! Our bus driver would died instantly and we would have all been severely injured.

The other bus driver was probably trying to beat the red light and keep his tight bus schedule. He took his left turn so tightly  and so fast that he was in our path. 

We were so shook. Even our bus driver was shaken and actually stopped and did not move again for a full minute. There was about five of us passengers on board and we were all shocked at how close that accident was. I said a loud "thank you" in Korean to the driver while we sat there because I was so grateful he had saved our lives. I wish I could send a positive review for this driver. I am so grateful for his fast motor skills.

Whew! Be careful out there.

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