Monday, September 30, 2019

Finally! A great open class!

Wooohooooo!! I finally had a great open class after 5 years in this country. For the first four years, at my old school, no one at the school attended our open class. My former coteacher and I would hope they would show some kind of appreciation of our efforts. BUT NOPE. They never did. They never once even thought about attending our open classes.

At this school, I've done one last year, 2019, with Teacher Sue and it was good. She was praised for doing a good job. 
Teacher Jenny and I did one last minute last semester (informed last minute) and the reception was meh. 

BUT this time...we had plenty of time to prepare and made sure it was a very detailed class lesson. We had paired, team, group and class work. Lots of class participation built into the lesson. It was a GOOD ASS class, y'all!!

The VP and about five other teachers attended. 
(Take THAT former school! Ha Ha)
The energy was good, the students were sweet and engaged and Teacher Jenny and I ROCKED it!

After the class, the VP came to us and said in English, "Great class. Great class!"

Thank you Gawd!

Tuesday, September 17, 2019