Friday, December 31, 2021

2021 tiptoes out...

 ...and just like that, 2021 says goodbye, leaving the door open for a new year, new hope and renewed faith in possible miracles.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Negative Rona exam but still have to self isolate


Tuesday December 14th, 2021

My Rona exam was negative...but I still have to self isolate until December 18th..


Everyone in our school tested negative except for the one SINGLE 6th grader...😢

Several hundred children, teacher and admin school staff had to get a stick shoved down our throat and nasal cavities...why? Just to show due diligence. Small children shrieking in pain and horror after being forced to submit their young bodies to this exam. 

I fear for our humanity.

We are blinded to what is truly happening in this world right now.πŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­

Please pray to whatever God or higher power you believe in.πŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏπŸ™πŸΏ

Sunday, December 12, 2021

Another week, another Rona test, sigh

😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 Monday December 13th, 2021

 ....aaaaaand another one, another schoolwide all day testing

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Old skool punishment

I saw this in an expat group in Korea and then confirmed it with an older Korean.

This actually happened back then. It helps to partially explain why the citizens follow their government's instructions so readily. 

Pasta plating

Just wanted to share the delicious past dish from school lunch yesterday. 


Pink Sunrise

I just wanted to share a pink sunrise from this morning's commute.

So gorgeous!

Shrimp and more shrimp UGH


I convinced a Korean friend to go with me to a shrimp place again. Sigh. Some things are just meant to be experienced once.

It was NOT as delicious and, again, I hated hearing the shrimp being fried alive.

Sad today, really sad

I feel sad and weak right now.

My heart feels lonely and my eyes feel watery, ready to let a steady flow of tears fall.

Maybe it is lack of sleep, the lonely holiday away from family or just sick and tired of working but never really progressing. At this exact moment, 7:18 am Friday on the bus headed to school, I want to curl up in a fetal position and weep.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Finally! Expensive pizza!

I finally ate delicious, non-flat, puffy crusted pizza!

Yes, I did get it from school! So much better than the paper thin one I usually buy with my own money.

The teachers use the school budget to eat tons of food in the many teacher rooms. I am usually left out but today my coteacher bought a full pie to my classroom. I guess they ordered too many pies. 

Heck, I'll take it. It was good. The performers here endorse EVERYTHING! 

I mean EVERYTHING! Pizza, chicken, alcohol, anything that will generate money and will pad their pockets. 

Hey, I won't knock the hustle. 

Sunday, December 5, 2021

Wear your mask~uh!

There are signs in So Ko EVERYWHERE telling people to how to wear their mask properly, what to do and what not to do to prevent the spread of the Rona. 

People generally follow the rules now. At the beginning of this mess, some would wear it on their chins but that is very rare now. 

Sleep sock gang

Finally being able to meet and eat with the organizing crew was so fun. I bought water bottles and socks for everyone. I also bought shea butter and honey for everyone as a small token of appreciation.

Young entrepreneurs

A homeroom teacher tasked her students to create an image of their own storefront as adult entrepreneurs. It is such a great project. I love it! Look how creative they were.