Thursday, October 29, 2020

The best time of the week is Friday after luncheeeeee!


This is how happy I am every Friday afternoon. 

I love my cute and sweet students buuuuuuutttt...there is NOTHING LIKE the joy of Friday afternoon.

Woooooohoooooooooo!!! Freeeeeeedummmmm!!!

Two days to either bike or veg and watch movies or sleep in or do absolutely nada!

Yes, my smile is that big and yes I do look younger on Friday afternoons! Give me freeeeeeeeee!! Bye, kiddies, woooohooooo!!

Autumn's flowers 2020


Look at how gorgeous the flowers are near the river this year!

I say it every year but....damn I love this area.

My city is really making an effort to create a beautiful place for the citizens to walk, take pictures and enjoy the amazing flowers near the river. 

Kidnapped? By my bus driver?


This morning, 7:30 am, my usually crowded bus was empty. Totally empty. No uniformed Scared the sh@t outta me. I thought the bus driver was about to kidnap me. I even asked him why the bus was empty, ten stops after the bus terminal. He said he didn't know why. 

I kept one eye open until a few more people got on the bus three stops later. 

What you will NOT do, Sir, is to add kidnapping to this troubled 2020 year.

No thank you!

Soooooo....I was not kidnapped by my daily bus driver and ended up at work safely. 

True story. LOL.

Caught you, kitty cat!


South Korea recycles food garbage but has not perfected how to keep the street animals from dining out. This kitty was enjoying a delicious breakfast a few blocks from my school.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Deskwarm in a hot room with no air con or fan for eight hours? HAHAHAH

Warning - Rant ahead 
summer heat wave 2019

So this society is built on listening and obeying your superior without questioning. I'm from a country where we are tasked to question everything. I would never follow a fool into a ditch willingly. 

There is a long term heat wave. The temperature is over 100 degrees.
Last Thursday, after having me deskwarm in a different school for three days, I returned to my main school to stay for two days and end the week. 

Well, the major construction was still going on and my "handler" actually wanted me to stay in a room with no air con, no fan and no water in the building for 8 hours, no students, no classes, no reason.
I WENT OFF on her. 

I raised my voice and said THIS IS AN UNHEALTHY WORK ENVIRONMENT and I am NOT DOING it. 

She responded by saying other Korean teachers, a few of them and some students were in the building. 

That has NOTHING to do with my health and my own standard for safety. I asked her to please ask the VP what options were available because I was NOT staying at the school . 

She said she would...and then this little heifer went to her classroom and went about her business. 

Long story short , I told her off and explained that there was NO WAY I would stay in that unhealthy work environment and I left the school and went to the bus stop to return home. 

October 2020
Miss Little Heifer left teaching to be a stay-at-home Mom. Her open class was shitty and other Korean teachers complained about her. She never met her paperwork deadline and acted like a punk ass, crying all the damn time. Thank God other teachers saw her incompetence so she couldn't say I was ganging up on her. Good riddance, @sshole. 

Since I have been at this school that was the only problem I had with anyone. I even asked for a meeting with the then-woman principal to get ahead of any lies she would say. But the whole school knew she sucked as a teacher and was not even trying to make an effort. that worked against her lazy ass. The only time I ever saw her smile was when she was leaving the cafeteria. She would smile like the cat that ate the canary. Witch. 

Shadows tip toeing down the hallways

Pre-Rona post

Sometimes I take an early bus to work just to enjoy the peace and quiet of the school before it is filled with the students' laughter and chatter. I love how the rising sun creates beautiful shadows. 
You can almost hear the silent's echo.

Wow! That doll looks just like you!

I had these two dolls made from scratch for my favorite young ladies. 

There is a lady in Gwangju who makes the dolls by hand. She can make any color to match your flag, any color dress or outfit. She made a Ghana one for me two years ago so I looked her up again when I was ready to have these two made. My only concern are the eyes. The eyes kinda creep me out. They are spaced too far apart but otherwise she did a great job. I love that they have underwear and I can make new clothes for them. 

Bus directions to Jeollanamdo Office of Education in Yeosu

November 24th, 2022
She was wrong and her error made me 45 minutes late.😅
The same buses still go there!
They need to train better at the info center.

November 23rd, 2022
City buses 103, 105 and 115 go to the Education Center from the bigger Yeosu bus terminal.
I will confirm once I go there this weekend.
For anyone whoever has to find their way to the newly built Jeollanamdo Office of Education in the city of Yeosu, these are the bus directions. 

The bus stop is across the street from the bigger Yeosu bus terminal. You can walk over the overpass and wait for these buses. This is as-of November 2019. Right now one of the bridges is being renovated so traffic is being diverted. I'm low-key making this post for myself because I keep forgetting the damn bus numbers! Damn you long-term memory brain cells!

Reminder to my inner writer

In case I forget...

Brown and yellow, perfect combination

I just love this picture.
Nature makes me so happy and at peace. 

We out here stealing grocery boxes, now?

Microaggression #13
Life in Korea
I was leaving the supermarket downtown, near my house, last Saturday. As I paused in front of the packaging area at the front of the store, there were two southeast Asian women at the counter putting their groceries in two boxes. One of them glances at me, then tells her friend to PLEASE watch her box so she can walk ten feet and put the empty grocery cart away.
Her friend looks at me then puts a protective arm around the open box of groceries just in case I decided in that moment to grab it, quickly put it on my head and run for the foot. As you know Korea is generally a pretty safe country. Heck, I haven't heard of an open box of groceries being stolen here since 1901. This witch had the nerve to think that because of my brown skin, I would grab her box of groceries and make a run for it?
So, that's what we doing now?
Folks out here stealing open grocery boxes?
Sorry to say but the most evil thoughts ran through my mind. F@ck being mature and "going high when they go low". Such mean thoughts were in my head that I had to meditate to get them out. Things like, "You should run home to get your daily black eye from your low class local husband who is mad that he couldn't afford to marry a Korean woman so he settled for your mail order @ss" and
"Koreans think you're sh@t under their shoes".
When I see this witch again, Imma say something to make her cry.
After all these years, I'm ready to jump on these fools.
Brick city, all day, every day.

Just me

I just wanted to share a smile with you.
I hope your day is going great.
If not, smile and dance.
It works for me. 

You will be punished

Text message from the public school system. 
You WILL be punished. Stay your butt at home, sir.

Rice and Harvest season time!

I was finally able to see the machine that harvests the rice! It took me several years! Yay!! It made me so happy to see it. 

Neon colored buildings


These buildings were just repainted this neon color. 

There is NO way anyone would ever get lost finding their way home.

...fallin' in love with clouds...

I love living n the countryside because sometimes the clouds are so low, I feel like I could stand on tiptoe and touch them.