Monday, May 30, 2022

Jumping thru hoops to travel, middle of 1984


I told y'all this was coming several months ago, border closings, strict requirements to travel, etc. We are in the book 1984.

The noose will get tighter and tighter and tighter until...

It is funny how when some people warn others that the world is changing for the worse, they call us tin foil hat wearers. But when it happens there is silence. No one remembers the warnings. 

I've decided to stop trying to help anyone but my immediate family. I am just going to eat popcorn and watch the world stage implode.

I'm coming home, babeeeee!!


Tie the yellow ribbon on the tree, I'm coming home, babeeee!!!

I'm taking a car to the Suncheon KTX train (2.5 hours) to a bus in Gwangmyung (1 hour) to two airplanes (19.5 hours) 12 hours to Texas, 3 hour layover, then 3 hours to the east coast of the country.


UPDATE - that long travel time gave me jetlag for almost five days, whew!

Friday, May 27, 2022

Pretty summer day


Why is summer so gorgeous?

Even though the humidity is suffocating, the beauty almost makes up for it.


Friday, May 20, 2022

Peaceful views


As you get older, you crave peace above all else.

I continue to pray to find a soft place to land.

My peaceful morning commute...


Please join me on my peaceful morning commute.

Great way to wake up, right?

UTube studio in Gwangyang


There is a new youtube studio in my little town.

There are so many people making money from making videos now.

The younger generation is going away from accepting the 9 to 5 plantation and creating their own business opportunities. I applaud their creativity and determination. It is better to learn to depend on your own skills to create income rather than being a slave forever.

Seeing sunsets


Being able to see gorgeous sunsets on my daily commute gives me a certain level of peace.  Mother Nature makes sure to give us exactly what we need. We just need to pay attention better.

Serenade me, please.


I met this gentleman at a little park where I used to ride my bike. Many people practice their instruments in the parks so they don't disturb their neighbors.

His song was so sweet and made me smile. 

Music and art are gifts to be shared.

 I love when people share their talents with the world. 

Music is a universal language that we can all speak and that we should share.

Low parachute, aim higher

This country is more than 70% mountains so there are always great flight activities going on.  This was down near the river in my little town.

Slow mo water flow


I love the slow mo features on the phones!❤

Spring blooms beautifully


The flowers in Korea continues to seduce me and make me blush with joy.

Very fresh seafood


Too fresh!!

this shrimp is so fresh that it was almost jumping out the water.

No more fear of each other. Please.


Thank God this has been stopped (paused), at least for a little time. 

We need to NOT being afraid of other human beings.

The excess fear has been pushed down our throats so much that we now fear other people who live and breath just like us.

The sea soothes me.


The sea will always bring me peace.

It washes away my stress and centers me.

I know that I must retire near the ocean to be at peace.

Building blocks, living in legoland


South Korea is a small country so they have to built housing up not across. So many of their housing looks like lego pieces. 

Tunnel vision


I love the designs that happen when we go thru tunnels...almost hypnotizing.

Really missing my car


After many years of taking (and adjusting to) public transportation, the bus strike really reminded me of the comfort of driving your own car.

Love rainy nights


Nights like this...are stormy but calming at the same time.

Sunday, May 15, 2022

After 2 years, 2022 Sports Day!!

We finally have Sports Day activities this week!


After two years of no team activities, no English camp, no field trips, things are FINALLY starting to get back to normal. 

Bed of roses


Spring has sprung and the flowers are so BEAUTIFUL and bountiful.

Soooooooo gorgeous!

A million photos


My new Korean friend is a former model and enjoys taking gorgeous pictures of us. 

So we got up early on Sunday morning, got dressed, put on makeup and then went to the river for a photoshoot, again. I AM happy to have pictures of me smiling but....eventually even I get tired of taking pictures of me, myself and I. 

Below are a few of our winter and spring pictures together.