Thursday, June 30, 2016

Water art 2

I love making water art. It is pretty how water flow can be so beautiful. The valley allowed me to take some very artistic shots.

You are so CORNY!

The corn is so sweet and tender. Mmmmmmmmm. Fresh from the farm. It does not get any sweeter. Can you almost taste it?

The view below...

This is the beautiful view from my 4th floor office window at school.
AMAZING, right?

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

YAY!! Open Class #3

Today was our OPEN CLASS!! Wooooohooooo!!
Holly, the kids and I did a GREAT JOB!
Exactly ZERO people showed up. But it is ALL GOOD. We kicked @ss and took names!
Great job, Teachers! After class I gave each of my kids a hangwa (Korean cookie). They were so sweet and deserved a treat. Great job, Munchkins!

(Oh, at the last minute, the Vice-Principal came into the room. I thought it was for our open class but NO! She needed to use the English room for a meeting after our open class). Oh, Korea. You just don't give a damn about how well we teach English. Do you?

My own personal waterfall

Whenever I am in water, whether it is a waterfall or the ocean, there is so much joy in my heart.