Thursday, June 9, 2016

4th grade stalkers

I keep attracting little itty bitty stalkers.

These are my 4th grade little munchkins. They started off small. Chasing me down the hall after our English class, touching my hair, skin and clothes. Then they graduated to visiting me in my office at lunchtime. Well, now my little stalkers come to see me at 10:30 during my 20 minute teacher break. They stop by to hang out at lunchtime to play hide & seek with each other. They even come visit after their last class at 3pm to spend a few minutes with their favorite English teacher before heading home. They sit in my chair, dance, giggle, take pictures, get their hair braided and spell words correctly for my game candy. They play with my finger puppets, hide behind the mirror and desk and use my spray bottle as water guns.


Look at their cute little faces. I KNOW I should set stronger boundaries (I have tried) but there is such a thin line between telling them to bug off and breaking their little hearts.
What can I say?
I am a sucker for my munchkins.


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