Sunday, June 12, 2016

Going solo - sunbathing and creating water art

Sunbathing and making art in Mother Nature's valley of mountain spring water

It can be very lonely living in Korea. 
Many expats (and locals) turn to excessive drinking or bad relationships to make some of the loneliness decrease. This country is full of people who come home from teaching/working five days a week and who have to find ways to fight off the loneliness until the weekend, when they can either drink it or travel it away. 

I realized that I was making too much of an effort to maintain relationships/connections here. I was always the first to initiate contact with some people and was almost clinging to people who did NOT create any worth in my life. It left me feeling lesser than my authentic self.  It left me feeling empty.  Well, I have decided to shed those who are a waste of my time. The immaturity and flakiness is too much for me to handle.

There is a huge thirst for real connections here but you should never be fooled into thinking you are drinking spring water when you are really pouring vinegar down your throat. NO THANKS. The funny thing is the longer I stay to myself the harder its becoming to socialize with other people.  Almost like being alone makes me want to be alone more. OH MY GOD!  I am becoming a hermit. LOL.

But I would rather die of thirst than waste another moment of my time here on useless relationships.

As my frat brothers from university used to say, "Two tears in a bucket. F@ck it."
Life is too short to deal with anyone's bullshit. I don't care whose country I live in.
I am going solo from now on. Anyone who wants to hang out with me, you know "where I be".


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