Sunday, February 12, 2017

Shoebox apartment - small box but I have big feet

That tiny moment when you return from traveling abroad. You can't decide if your apartment shrunk or if it was always a shoebox. 

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Real tears...don't make me go back!!

That "I made the mistake of waiting 3 years to visit home now I don't wanna leave" moment.
You sleeping in your nice, comfy bed. Eating good @ss food. L Licking your damn fingers. Ain't nobody staring at you. Ain't nobody touching your "soft dark skin". You fully understand the culture. When you shop for clothes~ nobody shakes their head while handing you ugly "free" sizes. Ain't nobody touching your hair in amazement. Ain't nobody sneaking into your empty apartment to have sex in your bed while you visit your Mama. (S  Shout~out to Brandon.😂))  Nobody is shocked that you can use eating utensils or eat spicy food. You are surrounded by real love and real friendship...but you GOTS TO get on that plane for. One. More. Year. 

Wipe them tears, babee! 
Korea, here I come!

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Sleeping bag bunny

That moment when you have 40 hours of deskwarming in front of you so you say "f@ck it" and bring your sleeping bag to school to relax in. But since you are the only fool that has to come to school they won't turn the heat on high. So you spend 40 loooooong hours in front of your portable heater, wrapped in a sleeping bag, thinking about your life's choices. 
How da heck did I get here?
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How big is my apt?

Okay, I finally got around to getting pics of my apartment.
Here are pictures of my two room apartment in South Korea.
It has become my safe haven within these last years.

Not my president...

This is a repeat of what they said for President Obama so...
Nothing else to say.

The new mall is open! I would be excited...but...

My sleepy side of Korea has been taken over by the huge outlet mall that is across the highway from my apartment building. I am glad it has created jobs in my city but the traffic and congestion are disturbing. Another shining tribute to consumerism and debt.

Winter camp fun 2017 ~ ♡ donuts!

We made fun donuts at winter camp. I tried to make an octopus but it came out so wrong! LOL.
But the kids had lots of fun and that is what mattered.