Wednesday, January 5, 2022

No food for you.


I was not allowed to enter an open~air food court at the mall down the mountain from my house. I was craving fish but after not being allowed entry, went home and cooked fish my DAMN SELF.

The fish at home was delicious and was savored more because it was cooked in love.

F@CK you, Mall. An open air food court does not keep anyone safe. 

Make it make sense.

Missing Miss Sophia

Just wanted to share a short video I sent to Sophia to tell her how much I miss her, too.

Also, check out the curly do! 

Water mix time. Almost tea

I picked up this noni extract powder but it was too pricey for my coin purse.

I'll wait to get it fresh from our tree in Ghana. 


Tea time.



Delicious uncooked sea food

I saw this on the television. 

It was an infomercial for delicious uncooked crab meat.

mmmmmmm.....looks enticing, yes? 


The last school lunchee vs the last day lunchbox.

Which one would you choose? Both were delicious!

Yes, I have been in Asia too long.

Simple Grad day for 6th graders

A very different elementary graduation day due to the 'Rona.

Each class had a simple graduation ceremony in their homeroom while the parents waited outside in the playground for their child. I stuck my head into all four 6th grade homerooms and exchanged the heart signal with my little kiddies. After the simple ceremony, the students went outside to take pictures with their teachers, parents and friends. They laughed, cried and enjoyed the last sweet moments with their classmates before entering their next middle school chapter.


Sometimes you have to just go with the trickle and wait for the full water flow.

It will come eventually, right?

Uno with dice? OhMyGod!



They have UNO cards with dice!

The game HAS changed!




Winter vacay lunchee

First lunch on winter vacation day.

I was craving sugar so chocolate was almost necessary. 

Winter moving days

Winter vacation construction removal of asbestos in all classroom ceilings.


We had to move all of our classroom items to the hallway.

Most of the homeroom teachers had their students help but the subject teachers had to move all of the individual items ourselves. It took sooooo many hours! 

I had to ask a family member to come and help me.

My back and entire body hurts like hell.

The school hired big strong construction workers to move the big items but the English classroom had SO MANY DAMN ITEMS. 

So now I only have four boxes left.

I am the only person left in the building while the movers move the remaining amount of stuff.

I will dig a microwave out of all the boxes, heat up my lunch from home and wrap up all my writing and bill items.