Thursday, March 30, 2017

Awwww...u sick babee?

I called out sick today. I was feverish, coughing with body aches. I also felt dizzy and kept dropping things. Korean jobs try to make you feel guilty for taking a sick day. After being here for 3 years I've learned to make myself a priority. I missed 5 classes and will need to make them up but after taking meds from home today,  I feel so much better! Thank God for medicine from back home! Hip hip hooray!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

U arguing on fb?

Last night I had my very first argument on fb. Yes. I know! I used to laugh at people who did that. Now I have cloned into one. Yikes!! LOL.
Time to get a real life.
I actually used to be a normal person.
Can somebody slap me twice? Open hand.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Happy birthday school!♡

Guess who has a day off on a Thursday? This girl! Today is my school's birthday so we all have a day off. Yay!!

Monday, March 13, 2017

Naw, I'm good.

I messed around and have fallen out of love with South Korea. 
My tolerance for all the bullsh@t that foreigners deal with here, is GONE!
GONE like the wind. 
I went home for 4 weeks and felt normal and human again. Now, all the Asian bs is just that to me. Bullsh@t.
I am not interested in anything but being left alone.
On the weekends, I stay in and watch movies or video chat with real friends from back home. 
Since this is my REAL last year, I have ZERO f@cks to give anymore. 
So, yeah, I guess I've lost that loving feeling. 
Sorry, Boo. 

Coming home - Nest Hotel - I LOVE YOU

Delta airlines sent me an email 2 days before I traveled back to Korea stating my connecting flight would be delayed by five hours. Which left me to sit at the Detroit airport for nine looooooooooong hours. It was TORTURE! This made me miss the only bus that leaves Incheon airport to go back to my town. I was heated. They provided the ones who missed their connecting flights and buses an overnight stay at the Nest Hotel near Incheon airport. 

Can I just tell you how GREAT it felt to sleep in a warm, soft bed after two hours on one plane, nine hours sitting at an airport and then fourteen hours on a second plane?

I almost melted into that bed after a nice, hot shower. They fed us an okay dinner but the breakfast was AMAZING! The buffet is in a restaurant right near the river. There was a beautiful sunrise while I ate a delicious breakfast. It was a great way to get the energy for the four hour bus ride to my town that Saturday morning. Welcome home, babee.

Thanks, Delta airline.
Thank you Nest Hotel. 
Ya did good.

3 schools (three chances to be an AWESOME teacher)

In an effort to reduce their budget, the Korean public school system has decreased the number of Korean English teachers and has increased our workload. Almost every native English teacher has been give an additional school. 

I now teach at three schools instead of two. I am at my main school Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Tuesday I take two buses to my country school. On Wednesdays I take a 40 minute bus ride to a much larger school. This school has 1100 students. It is three times as large as my main school. The cafeteria is five times larger than my main school's caf. The noise and attention are overwhelming. Wow. Hundreds of little faces looking up at me in awe that I exist. They will eventually get used to me but the first day almost scared the sh@t outta me. LOL. Thank goodness I only teach the 3rd graders at that school. Four classes (30 students each) in the morning before lunchee then I am finished until 5pm. Nice-uh! The 3rd graders are sweet, energetic and have a higher level of English than my main school. I am looking forward to a great semester with my new munchkins.

Eating for life

Since returning from vacation, I've been trying to eat healthier. Trying not to eat as much junk food as I was eating at the end of the year. Stress eating. I do not smoke. I don't drink. I don't do many thing that people use to self medicate here. My few vices are chocolate and ice cream. Both soothe me and make me calmer. Even at the expense of a pimple and weight gain. 

What was my point again? Oh, yes, I am trying to stay away from the two things that currently make me happy. LOL. Gotta work on that. 

Bish, you can NOT be serious

Vent ~That wrestling moment when your first day with your new Korean co~teacher is SO BAD you almost slip up and say, "B@tch, is.You.Serious? Who da F@CK do u think u are?"...but u catch yourself.😂 My first time in 3 years of having such a disruptive, disrespectful person to teach with. The second the students left the room I made it clear her behavior will NOT be tolerated. I made her understand that we will learn to work together to teach our students to the best of our abilities. 

If she tries me again next Tuesday, no lie, I will embarrass the sh@t outta her. Miss me with dat bullshit. You met the right one.

Sunday, March 5, 2017

5th grade double eyelid surgery

That WTF surgical moment when you find out your adorable 5th grader had eyelid surgery during the winter break. She already has the desired "egg shaped" face and now will be the beauty 6th grade. SMH.

Remember your name

I went home for almost four weeks and lost my tolerance for the Korean bullshit. Lost my love for the country. My resting face is "what the fuck you want" right now. Not sure if I will ever feel the same as I did before. I know that part of it is being homesick but the other part is due to not being able to tolerate insincerity anymore.

Then found out yesterday that because I am at the maximum salary this year, the Education office is holding up my new contract. Sheeeeeeeeeeeit...just say the f@ckin' word so I can have an excuse to leave this damn place. Please.

2nd Class mop

What do you do when you come back from winter break and find out your main school boxed up your stuff and gave your office away? They put you in a cold @ss supply closet with the janitor lady. 
You pack up all that I NYC souvenir sh@t u bought for them. Bad enuff we're treated like 2nd class citizens here...but what you ain't gonna do is treat me like a 2nd class mop and get gifts. 

FOH. Naw, son.