Monday, March 13, 2017

Coming home - Nest Hotel - I LOVE YOU

Delta airlines sent me an email 2 days before I traveled back to Korea stating my connecting flight would be delayed by five hours. Which left me to sit at the Detroit airport for nine looooooooooong hours. It was TORTURE! This made me miss the only bus that leaves Incheon airport to go back to my town. I was heated. They provided the ones who missed their connecting flights and buses an overnight stay at the Nest Hotel near Incheon airport. 

Can I just tell you how GREAT it felt to sleep in a warm, soft bed after two hours on one plane, nine hours sitting at an airport and then fourteen hours on a second plane?

I almost melted into that bed after a nice, hot shower. They fed us an okay dinner but the breakfast was AMAZING! The buffet is in a restaurant right near the river. There was a beautiful sunrise while I ate a delicious breakfast. It was a great way to get the energy for the four hour bus ride to my town that Saturday morning. Welcome home, babee.

Thanks, Delta airline.
Thank you Nest Hotel. 
Ya did good.

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