Monday, July 10, 2017

I keep smelling "weed"

Real talk~ Can someone PLEASE tell me what is that weed smell here?👀 
I smelled it, again, today at the bus stop in my small city.
It can't be marijuana, right? Asking for...myself. 😂 

I look it up. Moss phlox, skunk cabbage or Cleome (spider flower) all smell like cannabis. 

🤔I thought the senior citizens were getting high as hell.

Slowly losing my englishee...

Is anyone else losing their English here?
I forgot the word for "leaving the hospital" and wanted to go "tenting" this summer. 🙄The longer I am here speaking broken English, the more I lose the ability to speak in complete sentences with correct vocabulary.😂 Any other English teachers need Englishee lessons like me?

Smoke? Don't do it!

No passive~aggressiveness when it comes to the cigarette warnings, huh, Korea?
Just straight to the point with this image.
"If you smoke this will happen to you. So STOP!"