Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Coo Coo for fresh coconut...

I miss the coconuts that are grown in my front yard. Mangoes, bananas and coconuts are right there. Right at our fingertips. Ghana, you are missed. Nothing in any supermarket will ever rival something that is planted with your own hands. 

Scary movie ~ Korean version

These are my kiddies enjoying an end-of-semester scary movie.
Work hard and earn rewards, kids.

October 2020 Post Rona
I miss my kids so much!!!

Onions anyone? Can you cook?

Can someone please help me learn how to cook well. 
I try and try and try again. 
I just do NOT have that special gift of cooking. Sob!
But I will not give up.

October 2020
The Rona time has actually given me the peace of mind to learn how to cook simple dishes. The kitchen does not intimidate me anymore. Now, I'm not Big Momma yet, cookin' the big Sunday dinners for the entire family but ... you know what? I am much better than I used to be. You will just have to taste my cooking to see my progress. 
Hey, don't get scared. Just buy life insurance first! .

Bubble Obsessed

I became bubble obsessed last year. I think it was the freedom and their ability to fly that drew me in and allowed me to feel free, if only for a few moments. 

Thank you, bubbles.

Bikes! Fall 2019

I did as much biking as I could while it was warm enough to do it. There is nothing like biking to clear your head and to get your thoughts straight. Actually swimming or running or...heck just about any strenuous exercise will clear your head. I stand corrected.