Wednesday, November 21, 2018

You must have me mistaken for a fool...

Sometimes people try and play you for a fool when your husband has a kind heart. I am NOT the one nor have I ever been the one who allows people to play me for a fool. You showed me who you were in a video on fakebook. You just showed me yesterday that there is no boundary you won't cross so I'm putting you back in the outer circle, where you belong. 

Now, tell me, why would I pay for your luggage if I offered to bring it safely to another country for you? With no "thanks" either?
You got the wrong one, Sweetie. 
Not now and not ever. 

A biopsy on a sunny afternoon

Today I had 2 unexpected biopsies.
The new doctor suggested I have a biopsy done. When I said Friday would be a good day, he said, "Fridays are very busy. You don't have anymore classes today, right?" He then, happily, picked up the phone to schedule my "surgery" with the doctor he partners with.

Dude, you can't just spring a biopsy on someone! You gotta give them a few days to mentally prepare! The needles were thin but long. Sigh and sob.

Which came first? Rice or baby rice?

Baby rice!!
I've never see rice babies. Wow!
Baby rice, duh, duh, duh, duh, duh-duh
Daddy rice...

Chinese teacher returns

The Chinese teacher from last semester stopped by to say "hi" on a visit. She is from Taiwan. Such a sweet young lady, always kind, funny and friendly. Great to see you.

To Tissue or not to tissue

Well, it is ABOUT time, Korea!

The nature within us...

I LOVE this picture. 
I snapped it sitting behind a bus stop on the way to work this morning. 
It is reflection of nature within us. 
I love what it represents. 

Social Anxiety

This is EXACTLY how I feel on some days, 
Korea or not. 

Always act like a First Lady

Michelle Obama's book is in Korea's bookstores.
YES, Korea!!
You know you LOVE that Black Girl Magic!