Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Different danger in school

This is why there are so many adult construction accidents in this country. 

Their standard of safety is extremely low.

Where else can you leave this type of danger in an elementary school? Right in front of the path to a classroom that is fully in use?

This is not specific to my school.

I've seen this in other schools. The river down the mountain from my house did not have a safety fence for many years. Even though families with very young children frequently go there every weekend. Sigh.

Well, they have one thing right.

Their citizens do not carry guns so at least their children will never be killed by a bullet while trying to get an education.

Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Mobile gardening


You can really create a garden anywhere.

I can't wait to try this back home.

Sunday, March 13, 2022

Aging sucks, man.

Soooooo true!

Book vending machine. Great idea!


This is such an awesome idea! 

A book vending machine.

I love it!

Young & sexy inside


This is how young and sexy I feel inside sometimes. 

But when I was younger I never felt this confident. 

That confidence came with age or a healthy self esteem. 

Atomy toothpaste


I shipped the atomy toothpaste to my Mom last year but this year decided to start using it myself.

The ingredients are really gentle on your gums.


My gums are sensitive to the atomy toothpaste so I can NOT use it.

But I know several people who use it just fine. 

Shea butter & black soap!


A former English club adult student went to Ghana and, per my request, brought me back goodies! Yay!

Hand made black soap and naturally made shea butter.

So natural and so welcomed.❤


Rainy days, chasing those clouds away....can you tell me how to get..

The song says "sunny days chasing those clouds away" but I am feeling blue on this rainy Monday morning.

I welcome the raindrops on my face, it masks my tears.

Thursday, March 10, 2022

Bad air, can not breathe


The fine dust is sooo bad right now. Even the mountains are disappearing.

I can't be outside for even a few minutes.😭😭

First day of school 2022


First day of school in a new year, 2022

Friday, March 4, 2022

Finally, my construction job is over!



After hurting my back at my school construction job this week, my room is finally presentable. I have no classes this Monday so that will allow me more time to organize the smaller parts.


I always knew construction was hard but geesh!

Yes, I am Mrs MacGyver


So, as you know, all the teachers and staff are doing construction jobs this week to get the school and classrooms ready for the students next Monday.

In the middle of construction, I noticed that most of my chairs are loose from the screws. I take a video and show my admin staff hoping they would send one of the many workers to fix it.


She took me to another admin room...and gave me this.   Ummmmmm.....thanks?

Anyway, I tried to fix it myself but the indentions im the plastic is no longer defined so the screws won't stay. 

Oh, well, I tried.

I'm Fonzeee Heeeeeeeey!!

I just purchased the 2nd leather jacket of my life.

My last leather jacket was referred to as "Lenny's" jacket (from the tv series GOOD TIMES) by my loving family.😅

By the light of my neighbor's living room


Korea uses bright hospital lights in their apartments which can almost be blinding.

The light from my neighbor's apartment is so bright, I don't need to turn on the bathroom lights at night.💡🕯🕯💡


Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Solar panel, anyone?


Solar panels are EVERYWHERE in Korea.

they even have them on simple side streets or school lights.

I admire their widespread usage of the sun.

MJ #24?


One of the teachers in my school made this.

Not sure why MJ has that number on.

It looks good but also a little scary at the same time.

The teacher lived in the US for many years and just returned a couple of years ago.

I think he misses the states.

Childhood truth


These are real, man.

Korea presidential elections 2022


Presidential election time again in Korea.

Elections worldwide is like dating a new person, they will tell you what you want to hear to get you then the facade falls off.

So amazing that this game is true in every country. It makes you wonder who is really running the world.

UPDATE #2 won. He is called the "Korean Trump" because of his conservatives views.

We will have to wait and see just how much he will change the country.

Coat blanket

What do you do when your purchased coat's hood makes you look like 
Little Red Riding Hood?
Yup! Coat blanket!

50th bday, post death


I miss you, Richard.

Post construction back ache


The construction was NOT finished and they left my room for last.

My back hurts soooo much right now.

I came home showered and slathered tiger balm on my lower back and thighs.

Everything hurts!😭😭😭

I'm a teacher, not a construction worker..