Thursday, October 18, 2018

a motorcycle gang in Korea

Maybe I'm missing something.
Where I'm from motorcycle guys are menacing and dangerous.
Um...I saw this group in front of a convenience store just chillin' and smokin'.
They seemed to act like a motorcycle gang.
They had the leather jackets, the bad-ass bikes and swag.
I guess most things in Korea are tamer than home.
I think the motorcycle guys in the bigger cities like Seoul or Busan are probably more... dangerous-looking?
Is it just me or does it seem like the most dangerous thing they're doing is smoking?

My second love after mango

My favorite fruit in the entire world is mango. 
I love it so much. There are many bottles of body wash and lotion in my house that make me feel and taste like a ripe, delicious mango.

But you gotta almost sell a kidney to afford one in Korea so my substitute love is...persimmon. Yup, they are just as juicy and mouth watering as my first love. I took this picture of the persimmon that I ate yesterday after lunchtime. The sun hit it perfectly to show you that nature really just reproduces such beautiful works of art over and over again.

soooo....this is how stalking starts

I asked my 5th grade  students to write a simple telephone dialogue from the lesson we were working on. It was emphasized to, please, be creative. Some wrote according to the script and a few were creative and wrote comic book dialogue.

One team wrote a how-to-become-a-pre-stalker script. Straight from How to be a stalker 101.