Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Okay, this dude took the strawberry milk then sat down and drank it.
Wanted: Dead or alive

Who steals strawberry milk?
Who DOES that? Not even chocolate milk, dude?

Monday, June 24, 2019

Dokdo dreamin' - sold my soul happily

I finally made it to DOKDOOOOO!!!!!!!
If you google "Dokdo" you will find that this small piece of mountain/island is heavily disputed between Japan and South Korea. Both countries claim ownership but South Korea actually has possession of the land. 

All of that to say...I SOLD MY SOUL TO GET TO DOKDO!!

Foreign teachers were given a free three day, educational trip to Dokdo as long as we promised to allow them to take pics of us promoting Dokdo as belonging to South Korea and NOT Japan.

Yup, signed on the dotted line and had 3 student-free days of not teaching and listening to Englishee from two charter buses full of foreign teachers from all over this country. 

I did take a secret picture but will only show a few trusted friends. 
Sorry, Japan, SoKo got to me first. 
Pepsi or Coke taste test, dude. 

Please, yield, Mr Driver. Please.

So Koreans do NOT like to yield in traffic because it gives up power. It make you feel weak if you allow someone else to have something (anything) over you. So with a group thinking like this...the picture above shows you what happens.  This happened during rush hour on a residential street. 

Tell me, how fast would you have to be going (and how UNYIELDING would you have to be) for your car to tip over.

How much of a pissing contest will you have, to show your "power" and just disregard your own safety?

Wednesday, June 19, 2019


Guess who is going to DOKDO this Sunday for threeeeee days?!
This girl!!
Can't wait!

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Gwangju International Day May 2019

The Gwangju International Community Day was very sweet. 
We hosted a Ghana booth that allowed women to dress in a traditional Ghanaian dress for only one dollar (one thousand won). 
I bought bubbles to play with the kids. It was SO FUN!!

Breezy cover girl

I found this shirt at the Itaewon shop. It is large, breezy and light. 
I'm determined to lose this belly so I can feel comfortable again in my skin. 
Not doing it for anyone but myself.
When you decide to make changes make sure it is for you.

Diet time! 20 pounds or bust!

Okay, y'all. 
It is truth-to-myself time. 
I've gained like twenty pounds more than what I'm comfortable with so it is diet time. 
I gotta admit, old habits die hard. You never know how bad your eating and snack habits are until it is time to curb them and eat healthy. Wish me luck. Oh, and living in a stick-thin, overly vain society does NOT help!!

Two weeks later, I find out that soy is not good for a thyroid condition. Diet is done! Gotta start walking more and exercising. 

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

Favorite pictures taken

These are my favorite pictures taken in South Korea. 
I love photography and enjoy recreating joy. 

Snitched on by a snitch

I got snitched, by a sista, on for the first time on fakebook. 
This person thinks running to snitch in an all wyte group will make them love her. No sister, it does NOT work like that. 
Snitching is bad on social media AND in real life. 

It is too funny. 
I will ALWAYS bet on BLACK. 'til the day I die. 

October 2020
The snitch was a mixed raced, confused sista who wants everyone to like her. Grow up and love yourself, Sis, real talk.