Friday, February 20, 2015

Dumsor Dumsor! Hey where's the water?

"Dumsor" (lights-out) and having the water turned off during vacation
It takes a special sense of humor and positive outlook to continue to look on the bright side when both are turned off...for several days.

But once you fall in love with Africa, you fall in love with it and all of its faults.
It can break your heart but I still continue to love it, every day with all of my heart.

1 in a billion

Being in Africa feels so good.
Especially after being a (cute) "exotic giraffe" in SK.
I am one of more than a billion beautiful sun-kissed people... And I LOVE IT!!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Did the pilot just say he wants to restart the engine?

I am currently on my winter vacation and am taking a long flight to visit Africa via Hong Kong. Well, you know it is going to be an eventful trip when the pilot announces that he wants to restart the plane's engine to see if the plane will take off.


So...he turns off the ENTIRE PLANE and all 300 passengers sit in the dark, with our mouths hanging open, for several minutes while he attempts to jumpstart our plane's engine.

It takes 4 hours for the mechanic to fix the problem. During that time I am trying to remember where I put the life insurance papers and also wonder if my house is clean enough for mourners. 

After the 4 hours on the Hong Kong tarmac, we travel over 6000 miles (11 hours) across land and sea. My eyes stayed open the ENTIRE time. I wanted to savor the last moments of my life.

Long story short, we missed the connecting flight and I am chillin' in a decent hotel room in Ethiopia. The airline housed and fed us and also gave us wifi. I did get a few grey hairs during this trip but it is ALL GOOD. I am sure the trip home will also be noteworthy, LOL.