Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Independence Day, Haiti!!

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY to my fellow Haitians all over the world.  1804 First Black Republic.
Haitian pumpkin soup = Symbol of liberty.
HISTORY: During the colonization period in Haiti, only the French masters would have this soup (pumpkin soup) for celebrations and also forbid the slaves to ever have it. So on January 1st, 1804 to really celebrate freedom or express victory, the Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines advised his wife to cook and offer this soup to the former slaves as a slap to the defeated masters. Happy Independence Day!! Happy New Year!!

I am really missing eating soup joumou today on January 1st. Every Haitian, all over the world, eats this soup to celebrate our independence. My Korean couple friends made this soup for me. It stayed in my fridge too long. I know it will tear up my tummy but I really need to feel that connection to my family and culture today. So here goes!♡♡♡♡

Trying to stay up on 12/31/16. HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

It is 8:58pm right now and I am trying so hard to keep my eyes open for the new year. But I am yawning and not quite sure that I will make it to see the new year come in. I might just have to catch the new year for New York tomorrow. Usually I would go to sleep, wake up at 5am, grab a small flashlight and climb the small mountain behind my school, in the dark, to see the new year's first sunrise. BUT. NOT THIS YEAR. 

No way. This year I will wake up early and walk up 3 flights to my rooftop to see the same sunset.

I will post the pics in a few hours. 

10:38 I'm not gonna make it to midnight. Just had yogurt, gave myself a sweet kiss and am snuggling with my teddy dog. My eyelids are heavy and I will be snoring (delicately of course) very soon.

This is the first sunrise of 2017 from my rooftop. This year I decided against climbing the mountain in the frigid cold with hundreds of other people. Instead I walked up 3 flights to my roof and enjoyed the first sunrise in solitude. This year was much better.

Soft towels! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!

Finally!! Soft towels! Yay!! I finally went to the new laundromat and washed my bedding and towels. It felt so nice to have soft towels and scented comforters. Aaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Last supper 2016! Wooohoooooooo!!!

I found this picture of these beautiful women on the internet. It made me smile. I miss being surrounded by people who look like me and share my values. Maybe I could live in Korea forever if I could import about one thousand beautiful dark-skinned people to live in my town. Then I would have the culture, food and language.

Hey, a girl could dream, right?

Last sunset of 2016.

This was the cloudy sunset from a few hours ago. The last cloudy sunset of this year. There is still beauty in the cloudiness. Good-bye 2016!!

Peanut butter on apple

My friend, Inez, likes peanut butter on apple. I have never tasted and did not even try. But she says it is DELICOUS. Any takers?

December 2016 sunset

This was the last beautiful sunset from my roof earlier this week. Good bye 2016!!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chicken calendar? Are you serious or are you for real? No, seriously.

So I asked my co-teacher (my "handler") for a 2017 calendar from the school. Every other teacher gets a free calendar each year. She waited until I had her order chicken for me from BBQ and asked for them to give me one of their free chicken calendars. WTH?! So each month has a picture of one of their chicken meals and lots of pics of K-pop stars. 

WHAT?! I swear that woman act like every time I ask her for something, she gotta reach in her OWN DAMN POCKETS to pay for that sh@t. It pisses me off. So today, since she was not here, I went down to the admin office and asked for a calendar. Because what you NOT gonna do is have me look at chicken all year/every month because you wanna act like a damn control freak! WTF?! I swear, WHO DOES THAT?

Thanksgiving dinner 2016

I spent Thanksgiving this year at a buffet place in Gwangju. Hung out with Eliot. The food was decent. Heck, I was just happy to see real food. My taste buds were happy to be "home". It was only twenty thousand won per person (like $20 bucks). It looks good, huh? It almost made me forget about rice, beans and legume from back home. ALMOST! LOL!