Thursday, December 29, 2016

English on a Saturday? Why?!

I got a gig teaching middle-school kids for a few Saturdays in Naju. The topic was open so I had them break into two groups and create a milk commercial. I showed them the top ten Super Bowl commercials and discussed what grabs the attention of a target audience. Humor, glamour, family, famous stars and education were just a few topics that were discussed. We talked about creating a storyboard, a good script, rehearsing then taping the commercial. It took them about ninety minutes. The end products were great and they had fun doing it. For the second class, I had them do 5 of my most fun games with their vocabulary words. I always have my students get out of their seats. I just think that is the best way to retain info. I understand the need, sometimes, for memorization but I like other methods, too. Creativity and hands-on activities work well for me. All four of the classes had fun and were happy with the Saturday classes. Even the shy ones were engaged by the end of our time together.

YAY! See? Learning English on Saturday is not so bad.

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