Thursday, December 29, 2016

Chicken calendar? Are you serious or are you for real? No, seriously.

So I asked my co-teacher (my "handler") for a 2017 calendar from the school. Every other teacher gets a free calendar each year. She waited until I had her order chicken for me from BBQ and asked for them to give me one of their free chicken calendars. WTH?! So each month has a picture of one of their chicken meals and lots of pics of K-pop stars. 

WHAT?! I swear that woman act like every time I ask her for something, she gotta reach in her OWN DAMN POCKETS to pay for that sh@t. It pisses me off. So today, since she was not here, I went down to the admin office and asked for a calendar. Because what you NOT gonna do is have me look at chicken all year/every month because you wanna act like a damn control freak! WTF?! I swear, WHO DOES THAT?

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