Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy Independence Day, Haiti!!

Happy INDEPENDENCE DAY to my fellow Haitians all over the world.  1804 First Black Republic.
Haitian pumpkin soup = Symbol of liberty.
HISTORY: During the colonization period in Haiti, only the French masters would have this soup (pumpkin soup) for celebrations and also forbid the slaves to ever have it. So on January 1st, 1804 to really celebrate freedom or express victory, the Emperor Jean Jacques Dessalines advised his wife to cook and offer this soup to the former slaves as a slap to the defeated masters. Happy Independence Day!! Happy New Year!!

I am really missing eating soup joumou today on January 1st. Every Haitian, all over the world, eats this soup to celebrate our independence. My Korean couple friends made this soup for me. It stayed in my fridge too long. I know it will tear up my tummy but I really need to feel that connection to my family and culture today. So here goes!♡♡♡♡

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