Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Expensive grapes of wrath


Rice wine for breakfast


Little library of dreams


Corn, anyone?


Students, I missed you, too.

My graduated six grade students came back to visit and see their beloved Englishee teachers. Teacher Sue and I were so happy to see their lovely faces again. I always keep snacks in my room just for their visits. Look at these happy faces. 
Students, we miss you, too. 


Sewol ferry disaster 7 years later


Paved paradise and keep putting up buildings!


Mask notice ~ wear it.


Tooth removal


Sunday, April 4, 2021

Book booth

 I got a great idea from one of my writer's groups. There are many phone booths that have been converted to book booths, small libraries. I rode my bike down to the river this morning and put mine in the one in our small town.

I also put a note, written in Korean, saying why I wrote the book. Such a great idea!