Sunday, June 19, 2016

Is that rubber burning?

Soooo...when I turned on my fan this morning there was a smell of burnt rubber. It is only 2 years ond and has kept me cool for two summers. I unplugged it, took it apart and tried to fix it. I got all the way down to the motor and then wiped and cleaned all the parts trying to figure out where the hell the rubber smell was coming from. Sigh. Once I put it back together the blades moved but very slowly, even on the high level. The smell of the motor burning was still there so I figured I just gotta take the lost. It is better to buy another fan than to burn down my building in the middle of the night, right? This is when I wished I was good with my hands. I just KNOW there is a way to fix it. was too hard to put the face back on.  Now my fan is cooling me off with no face. Yes, I am watching my fingers. Yes, I did slam one of the tools right onto my thumb. Hell yeah, it hurt! (Yes, I am a big, fat baby.)

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