Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Don't let go

Today was a very emotional day.

Right as we were dismissing the 5th graders after third period, one of the girls passed out and fell down hitting her head. I heard the kids screaming and ran to the doorway. The 5th grader was flat on her back with her eyes closed. It was scary but I checked her heart and her breathing and both were normal. There was no foaming at the mouth or seizure-like symptoms so I guessed that she was not having an epileptic seizure. I yelled for Holly to call the nurse and just started soothing back her hair and repeating, "It's okay, honey. You are okay, honey. It's okay. You are okay, honey".

The nurse rushed into our classroom and checked her symptoms, had her sit up and then took her down to the nurse's office to lay down. Well, I followed and sat by her bed and held her hand. I wiped away the tears that were rolling silently down her cheeks. I turned on the ocean waves on my mp3 player to soothe her until one of her parents could come. Eventually after listening to the waves, she dozed off but I continued to hold her hand and was doing my best to hold back my own tears. I held her hand with the cute green, blue and pink nail polish for almost forty five minutes until her Daddy came for her. Only then did I let go.

I held her hands for forty five minutes while we both listened to the ocean's waves because I would want someone to do that for my daughter. After her Daddy came, I walked to the bathroom, locked the door and allowed my own tears to flow.

As I was bowing and saying my good-byes to the Vice-Principal this afternoon, she thanked me. I pointed to my heart and said, "Mother".

So...yes, it was a very emotional day.
After eating dinner with a friend, I came home and took a hot shower to take the stress out. Sigh.

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