Sunday, June 19, 2016

Salsa dancing #2 - shake your tailfeather

Hill, Mary and I went to Busan this weekend for another attempt at Salsa dancing. It was the first time for them. Second time for me. I was less intimidated this time and was comfortable dancing by myself. It felt freeing. We also meet two girls there, Betsey and Nina, who were very good dancers at the salsa club.  Afterwards we met up with another chingoo, B. He met up with us at the Yea Mon hip hop club and the Secret Society club in Seomyeon. Both had great music. But the DJs in Korea seem to have a HARD time transitioning between songs! LOL! As soon as you get into a groove with your favorite song BAM he would change it up! Dang, at least get deep into the song so we can feel the beat and get our groove on, Korea!

We had a great time dancing until 6am and then took the first subway back to Ssasang bus terminal. From Ssasang we caught buses back to where we needed to be. I wanted to go directly to Daegu for shopping but my feet HURT from all the dancing!

Very fun night. Very relaxing time with fun company.

It is very easy to have dancing and drinking fun in South Korea. Sometimes I wish I could drink alcohol as freely as I eat ice cream here. It is a great stress reliever. If you are ever in this part of Busan in South Korea, check out these two clubs. Come shake your tailfeathers!

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