Sunday, August 7, 2022

Beachee trip summer 2022!


Beacheeeee time! Wooooohoooooooo!!!

I had my first and ONLY summer outing this past Saturday with members of a local church.

The last time we went to a beach, it was in Boseong and was muddy with no waves. NOT fun at all. 

This time the church leader chose a much better beach on Namhae island. Namhae has several beaches but this one has trees that provide heavenly shade. We had a picnic, rested under the cool shade, and played ball in the salty ocean. It was such a great time! I wish I had a car so that we could go there every summer weekend. We did not have to pay for parking or for any beach entrance fees at this beach (like in New Jersey or New York). There were red beach umbrellas, water rings and motor bikes for rent but those would be choices. If you bought your own cooked food, beach chair and beach rings, then you would only have to pay for gas and toll back and forth to the beach. 

I had such a great, relaxing time and (sigh) really wish I had purchased a small car in my first year in Korea. A car is needed to get to the beach, it is too far from the bus terminal for a taxi ride (but I will find out exactly how far).

I told the S. African woman she was blessed to have a community of church members who were her support system in the isolation that exist in South Korea. (I low key felt like a distant cousin at a family reunion. I tried to minimize my appearance in the group pictures as much as possible).

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