Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Make yesterday the last day you spent giving a...

New Year
Make yesterday the last day you spent giving a f@ck about people that don't show you they give a f@ck back.
This is becoming my new mantra. 
I just spent one hour deleting "friends" from my fb list. I also blocked more people from my phone's contact list. 
Gone are those who wasted my time. Gone is my energy to entertain those who don't give a shit about me. 
I posted the sentence above on my fb page then deleted it and put it here. I feel I can be more honest here than on "fakebook". My personality runs to loyalty until I see you don't care enough about me and I am wasting my time then you no longer exist. Just that simple. Poof! You are gone. No explanation needed  because before I get to that point, I make sure to give my best. Do I sound cynical? Maybe I am just becoming more of who I need to be to survive this ordeal.

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