Friday, April 22, 2022

Behavior unbecoming a ...


This afternoon I stuck up my middle finger at a rude group of teenage boys, probably high schoolers.

I walked out school at 4:25 to try and catch an early bus only to be seen by my principal at the exit door. STRIKE ONE

I had to walk one mile to my next bus stop because I left too late to catch the 71 bus  charter due to the bus strike. STRIKE TWO

Then the little @ssholes started laughing at my hair. STRIKE THREE

It bad enough that this is the main bus stop for a few boys schools so EVERY F@CKIN time I sit at this bus stop, the idiot students sneak pictures and video of me. Two girls did it two days ago but I was too tired to say anything. I was afraid of losing my temper.

I left my house at 6:45am this morning just to get a fucking bus to school. I still had to walk one mile from Kookmin Bank bus stop.

I left school at 4:25, it is 6:47pm on a F@CKIN Friday and I am still sitting on a bus trying to get home AFTER 2 FUCKING HOURS!!🤬😡

I eventually crossed the street and took a 77 bus 30 minutes deeper into Suncheon, so I could get space of the fucking 991 bus, which takes 45 more minutes to reverse the journey and go to my city next door.

My bladder is full and I am almost in tears right now. I am also sharing my seat with a senior citizen woman. (She is sitting on the ledge next to my seat. Like right next to my body.)

I still gotta urinate and have 10 more minutes of this crowded ass bus.

You know what?

F@ck dem kids.🥴😅

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