Saturday, April 16, 2022

Sewol Ferry 8 years later


I can't believe it is 8 years later.

8 years since the Sewol boat incident.

So many young lives lost.

Parents sent their children on a field trip and they never came home.



Monday April 18th, 2022 4pm

I just saw a 2 part documentary, in English, on a utube channel.

PLEASE, take a look at it to fully understand all the pieces that caused the death of almost three hundred children and adults. 

The utube page is BRICK IMMORTAR channel.

The topic is "the Ferry Sewol Part 1 & 2"

Have tissue with you because this truth will bring you to tears.

I pray for the souls of the children, teachers and remaining crew members. 

I pray for the strength of the parents and the civilian divers who recovered the bodies, in the absence of government assistance.

Under water pics of items from the ferry.

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