Thursday, April 21, 2022

New solo garden 2022, yay!


So I told my co-teacher of 4 years that I had bought the seeds for this year's garden but needed to wait until next weekend to pick up more soil from store. She never offered to give me any money to pick up seeds NOR soil soooooooo I did pick up more soil but only used it for my own garden in my classroom. I planted half the basil seeds and tomato seeds in my garden. 

I may get some more one dollar seeds to add to our shared garden this weekend but this is a repeated pattern. She did not help me pay for any of the prizes from last semester (for grade 5 and grade 6) and instead picked up some leftover cheesy pencils and pencil cases from the special education teacher. She is pretty cool most of the time. But I ain't using no more of my money for prizes or anything for the students this year. I wasted money on smiley face erasers and animal/food erasers last semester. Waste of money, honestly. I understand now why teachers stop doing these things after a while. Money leaks out of your wallet and is never reimbursed. There is no reward for being a good teacher. None. That satisfaction crap is bullsh@t. You can be a great teacher and never spend a penny. Just use whatever the school pays for. Lesson learned. 

I'm not making any little spider plants for anyone this year either.

I was reusing my coffee cups but paid for the soil and bigger planting pots. 

I did it out of loneliness and needing a connection to other people.

But these connections are not real. They are thin as a string and just as fragile.

There is not much real here. Not much depth. Just superficial connections that are based on how much usage a person can get out of you. It can make you very weary and cautious.


Naw, I gotta save to get outta here. 

I can't stay in this cold-hearted country forever.

I gotta save for my next step, whatever that may be.

UPDATE - 2 months later

My smart co-teacher waited until we had funds for the summer camp and had the other teacher order lollipops for the end of the semester gifts. That way she ain't gotta come out of pocket for sh@t.

I can't hate her gangsta, ha ha, but I ain't using a penny more on these kids.


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