Tuesday, April 19, 2022

Bus strike this week

There was a bus strike that started today that I was unaware of.

I left my house at 7:20 am, waited for a 777 bus for 40 minutes before realizing there were NO buses going in the opposite direction. I actually realized it within 15 minutes but was slow to respond. After 40 minutes I walked up the mountain, where the love motels are and waited 10 more minutes for the 991 bus so I could go to the taxi stand (a mile away) to finally get a cab. 

Koreans use Kakao Taxi to arrange taxi pick ups so every taxi that went by had their red light on. The only sure way to get one, this morning, was to stand at a taxi stand. I texted my coteacher Sue and asked her to rearrange my 9am class. Then got to school at 8:50 am, exhausted and hungry from not eating breakfast. 

Thank God Teacher Sue got my message and rearranged my first class to 5th period.

I was able to decrease my anxiety after eating my delicious bowl of oatmeal and honey.

I hope the bus drivers get what they are asking for during the strike. 

Everyone should be given a living wage so they can afford to take care of their families. It is a small inconvenience for my commute but holds a great importance for them.

The people united will never be defeated.

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