Saturday, April 16, 2022

5x is NOT 2x, lady.

Korea is the land of barbie~sized people.

So most expats here sell their clothing to each other because it is difficult to find "big foreigner sizes". There is a level of trust we have to share that what you advertise is in good condition and the correct size. Because most of my clothes are almost rags after so many years, I decided to buy a beige trench coat I saw on an expat age.

Well, instead of 2x, the coat is about 5x and she sent a belt that belongs to another item. I sent her a message, she ignored it (not shocked) so I had to send a message to the admins of the group to address the issue with her so I can get my money from her, plus shipping, so I can send this big @ss coat back to her lyin' @ss.


Like you were hoping I would just accept the stolen money? Naw, son, I got bills to pay and hate low level con artists.🤬😡

The coat is gorgeous.

I wish it had been the correct size.

UPDATE~ The admins of the group agreed to take down her post since she had about 30 clothing items she could be lyin' her @ss of about.

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