Thursday, April 21, 2022

Trifling...expats with no dignity

This is the shirt that I purchased (for ten Korean bucks) from the same expat with the trench coat that was 3 sizes too big. This is how trifling some people are.

These are the types of clothing you donate to the needy or throw away.

(This reminds me of the dirty rice cooker post from a few years ago.)

This b@tch sold it instead of donating it to the needy.

Aaàaaaaaaaand I bought it.

Ha ha

Can't wait to go to a better country with a more mature class of expats and those who have integrity.

There is no community here in South Korea and I've stopped looking.


I contacted the admins of that group, sent them pics of the trifling clothes and asked them to take down her post. Once her post was deleted, THEN she sent me a message. 

Naw, son, too late. You showed how trifling you are. 

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