Thursday, April 19, 2018

Good bye. I will miss you rural school.

I said good bye to my village students this past Tuesday. I bought a inexpensive bag of rice cakes to give them. My favorite students left February of 2017 so I was not connected emotionally with these kids. When my sweet students left, I gave them tons of snacks and hugs. 

My new co-teacher barely had a sense of humor so our classes were not the best. The kids did not learn much. They came in with a low level and, to me, have not improved. Their interest in learning was low and it showed in the classroom. I gave my village co-teacher a cold handshake on the last day and said, "It has been an interesting experience. I learned a lot from working with you."  Which everyone knows means "f@ck you b@tch" in a nice way. She was really cold to me during the last two weeks when I was sick so I returned the favor. I hope I never see her again. But since the country is so small, I'm sure we will see each other again. 

Oh, well. No love. No care.

The VP gave me a big smile and a firm handshake good bye. 

I will miss the beautiful landscape. 
I would walk so peacefully during lunchtime.
I will miss that.

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