Friday, July 8, 2016

Winter in July

It is the middle of July and HOT AS HELL in Korea. By the time I walk up the mountain to the school in the morning, I am drenched in sweat. Today I had five classes and was fighting a heatstroke ALL DAY. I actually felt like I was going to pass out in the hallway between classes even though I was guzzling water. My undergarments were drenched in sweat even though I had two fans on at high speed in my little office.

So at 5 pm today my sweaty body slinks down four flights of stairs to say goodbye to the head staff. My head is woozy and I feel light-headed. I opened the Principal's door and almost caught the flu from the DAMN COLD. It was so cold in there, my sweat drops froze on my face. It was so cold in there my undergarments froze stiff. Both of them. It was SO COLD in there, I scratched out HELP in the window's frost. 
My body was like WTF? 
So, Principal, you just gonna let us melt in our classrooms meanwhile you're wearing a winter coat and some earmuffs? You're sneezing, wearing your winter socks and drinking hot cocoa meanwhile I'm on the fourth floor stripped down to my bra snorting ice cubes?
Dude, are you SERIOUS?
One line for you.

You ain't right. Can I scream it? YOU AIN'T RIGHT!
Share that air con, Dude!! Stop being selfish.

So as I write this, I have air con on in my apartment on SUPER HIGH. SUPER DUPER HIGH. Like, right now I am basically typing inside of an ice tray. Korea, you can be cheap and make me melt down to a chocolate puddle between nine and five. But, I'll be DAMNED if I won't be wearing my OWN DAMN WINTER SOCKS in MY OWN AIR CONNED room right now. With earmuffs.

Yes, my nose is running, my eyes are tearing and I have on my winter coat and long johns...but that is besides the point!

'Cause what you ain't gonna do is have me come to the other side of the world and die from heatstroke 'cause you cheap and don't want to turn on the air con for the teachers. Now...if I die of frostbite in my apartment in July, it's okay.

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