Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Stick a needle in my eye

My left eye has been watering for a long time. Sometimes allergies or a weak wind would cause it to tear as if I am crying. Sooooo....I go to the eye doctor downtown. I make sure to translate what is wrong before I get there. So the nurse brings me into his office, I show him the translated message and he examines my eyes. He says something in Korean and a little bit of English. Then the eye doctor brings me to another room with a little bed and has me lay down. BUT before he does, he shows me a six inch needle and (I am guessing here) says he wants to put it inside my eye.

Can you repeat that?
I don't speak your language BUT..I thought you just said that you want to put that needle in my eye?

Well, I say, "Sure, I can come back next week". He says, "today".

Dude. Dude!
Look, Mr Eye Doctor, you can't just spring a six inch needle on me like that. You gotta give me time to get used to the idea.

Okay, long story short, I lay down on the little cot.
Then this man, this doctor, this person proceeds to stick a SIX INCH NEEDLE INSIDE MY LEFT EYE.  I have NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE how a SIX INCH NEEDLE feels going into your eye. Then Dude starts to SEW INSIDE OF MY EYE. His finger goes up and down like he is sewing on a shirt button.


My mind is so blown at what he is doing, I can't even feel any pain.
Dude, did you just stick a six inch needle inside of my left eye and then start to sew?

He sewed inside my left eye for about two minutes. I am in shock the entire time. Not kidding.

Ok...ummmm...then he sits me up, says something in Korean, and I stumble to the front desk to pay for the visit. My mind is still in shock. I am only charged $4,000 won for the co-pay (about $4 US dollars). They want me to come back next week. Why? So Mr Sewing-a-Button-into-my-Eye Doctor can sew another button into my eye? No, thanks. I picked up prescription eye drops at the pharmacy next door and slowly, very slowly, walked to my bus stop.

I will never, ever, EVER forget this experience.
It was eye-opening!! LOL!

UPDATE 2 weeks later:
I have to go back. The tears started again. 
Sigh. Okay, Mr Eye-Button Doctor, this time I will bring my own thread.

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