Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Can I just eat my stick of gum in peace, Korea?

Okay, South Korea, lets have a little talk.
I need a little space. Just a little, okay?
Gosh, how do I say this? Okay, here goes.

So Ko, I want to stop "sharing" so much. I bring in snacks for the teachers twice a month (at both schools). When my 4th grade stalkers visit, I share my snacks during my teacher break and after school. But...I need to be able to eat a stick of gum by myself. Without having to put it on a plate, cut it into eight pieces, invite five people, make tea and coffee and eat it with those itty bitty little forks. Nowadays, I have to look around, tiptoe to my office, squat behind my office chair just to chew a stick of gum by myself.

This is ridiculous! I appreciate your generosity and I have increased mine while being here...but...Korea, everything is not meant to be shared. Okay?

Just let me have one snack to myself, just one stick of gum, please?

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