Friday, July 22, 2016

Thanks and hugs to my Korean chingoos (friends)

I have had so many amazing experiences here in South Korea. There have been many belly laughs while hanging out with friends here. I just wanted to begin writing this post early so I will not forget anyone.
So hugs and kisses to all my Korean chingoos/homies/amigos!
Thanks for all the laughs. I hope I made u laugh and made your life a little better.
God bless you on your next steps in life's brilliant journey!


Melissa, Inez and me sharing some laughs at Melissa's apartment on the campus of Seoul Foreign International School. These ladies are special. In a good way. We made homemade caramel popcorn and watched scary movies together. We laughed and enjoyed life together. Thanks, ladies.

On the train in Boseong with Cumulus and Miss Lee. My favorite Korean couple friends. Both are kind hearted and have shown me much love.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness to me in Korea. I promise to pay it forward. 

Chillin' at the valley with my chingoos from Busan, Seoul and Suncheon. Thanks for coming over Inez, Maer, Val and Morgan. That water felt so good on our bodies.

Suni and I sharing smiles while taking a beautiful walk thru Gwangyang.

Sharing delicious, fresh seafood in Namhae with a chingoo who kissed and hugged me for 30 minutes. She loved chocolate!

"Papi" and me on his birthday at Thursday Party in Busan. Tahir loves to party and has the kindest heart. I will miss him.

Papi and me at Gwangeli Beach in Busan after dancing all night. I am cold but the spirits made his blood warm. This is my favorite picture with my Papi. He reminds me of the Latino men I grew up with on the East Coast. Very charming and VERY macho.

Chris and me in Gwangju. We met there and hung out on his last weekend in Korea. He has an old soul. Chris is a great writer and you will be seeing a lot of his work in the future.

Julie worked at my school as an English teacher. She moved to Australia for a while to get out of her comfort zone. Julie is strong and never gives up. This young woman also has a heart of a lion. She is beautiful inside and out.

Bright, Hillary, Buki and me goofing around at 5 am after dancing all night. First we danced salsa at Latin Fever.  Then we went to the Yeah Mon hip hop club in Busan. So many laughs and so much fun. Photobombed by a very drunk US soldier.

Sharing smiles and laughter with Jaime and Gina in Seoul. They are my favorite non-couple friends in Seoul.

My favorite pain-in-the-butt Inez from Seoul. Every time I needed some "Jersey talk" she was there. Straight - no chaser. We bring out the silly in each other. Love her!

Getting sunkissed in the Okyrong Valley with Val and Maer

My best friend in Korea! Miss-empty-seat-next-to-a-foreigner-on-a crowded-bus/subway. I will miss you, friend, we spent so many bumpy rides together.

At the Tea Museum in Hadong. with Suni and Lucy. Lucy loves to be silly and make faces.

Walking home with Morgan and Melissa after the Seoul Lantern Festival. We took great pics of the beautiful, handmade lanterns.

Random pic at the Seoul International Friendship Festival 2016.

Random pic with my rural school co-teacher, Jinah, and Faith's sweet hearted vice principal. 

Making the heart sign with a Korean chingoo.

Sharing laughs with Lucy and her chingoo.

Playing games at the Board Game cafe' with Elliot in Gwangju. Elliot is a filmmaker and has many great projects. He can also be very silly with me.

Hanging out in my cold office Dec 2015 with my favorite 6th graders. I miss you, girls!

Volunteering at a hagwon, Christmas 2015, with Ann and chingoo. We are the biggest reindeer we have ever seen!

Eating ice cream under a parasol with my country school co-teacher, Jinah. Nothing taste better on a hot summer day in July.

                      Playing with butterflies with Kang at the Butterfly Festival in 2016.

Making cupcakes in Gwangju with Morgan and Kang. A day full of fun calories.

Jaime, Danny and me chilling out at the Ghetto hip hop club in Busan. The music there is authentically hip hop. Lots of great dancing and laughs.

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