Saturday, July 30, 2016

Sleepover Middle School Camp - Day 4

Sleepover Middle School Camp - Day 4

I thought it was Friday ALL DAY TODAY until a Korean teacher pulled my coat and told me it was Saturday. I did not believe her. An entire day has been lost. I would have sworn up and down that today was Friday. How the hell do you lose an entire day?

Today Rachel and I taught the same lesson seven times. SEVEN TIMES. We reviewed the new vocabulary, did the powerpoint activity, had the kids dress up in wigs and clothes and walk the runway taking pictures of them AND then played the vocab review relay game. IN 45 minutes. Seven DAMN TIMES. Oh. My. God. By the 7th time, I was seeing double triple and quadruple. I could not even remember my first name and the coffee I drank was laughing at me.

After dinner, we had the mini olympics in the sauna-hot gym for two hours before the Korean and foreign teachers met up to eat chicken and drink beer. Tomorrow my roomie leaves to go back to her town for her own camp Monday morning. I am sad to see her go. She is a very nice person and barely snored. LOL.

I took tons of pics but will not be able to post them until I get back home to my little quiet apartment with tons of time on my hands.

I am going to sleep now and will get ready to repeat Lesson 3 seven times tomorrow. Wish me luck.
This camp is kicking my @ss. LOL.

Oh, and I LOVE my homeroom kiddies. They are sweethearts.

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