Friday, July 29, 2016

Sleepover Middle School Camp - Day 3

Sleepover Middle School Camp - Day 3

My legs are sore. My fingers are numb and my eyes are blurry. I have not sweated this much since God knows when. Our daily schedule is so intense it is mind boggling. We meet with our homeroom students at 8:20 am and then start classes at 8:55. We teach the same class ten times before moving on to the next lesson. After the 5th time of repeating the same lesson, my smile is forced, my underwear is drenched with sweat and I start to forget what I am doing at a specific moment. The heat and humidity is helping to create such a zombie existence.

I took pics of my kids practicing for the talent show. They have decided to do the song "What does the fox say"? My co-teacher, Rachel, and I will make a guest appearance. Last night we had activities in the gym but the humidity was too high for me so I had to come back to the dormitory and catch my breath. Okay, I am gong to sleep now.This body needs some rest. I am pooped.
Good night.


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